Journal «Slavianovedenie». General information

Editor-in-Chief – Irina Aleksandrovna Sedakova, Dr. habil (filology), head of research centre

Executive Secretary – Aleksandr Sergeevich Stykalin, PhD (history), chief research associate

Head of the Editorial office: E.Yu. Nuykina

Copy Editors: L.A. Avakova, T.Yu. Kravchenko, I.Yu. Veslova

Tel.: (495) 938-01-20


"Slavic Studies" is one of the oldest scientific Soviet/Russian journals devoted to humanitarian and historical investigations of the peoples and countries of Slavia. It has been published since January 1965 (before 1992 "Soviet Slavic Studies"), six times a year, the volume of the issue is about 150 pp. The journal publishes  research articles, essays, critical reviews, materials of discussions, round tables, chronicles of scientific life, reports on expeditions, reviews and information about books, etc. The authors of articles are scholars from various scientific and educational institutions of Russia, as well as foreign researchers. The journal has gained popularity in academic circles in many countries of the world.

The journal is indexed in Data Bases: Russian Index of Science Citation (RINC), Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). It is included in the list of VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) by specialties (2.2023): 5.6.2. General history (historical sciences), 5.9.6. Languages of the peoples of foreign countries (Slavic languages), 5.9.8. Theoretical, applied and comparative linguistics (philological sciences) 5.9.2. Literatures of the peoples of the world (Slavic literatures). All articles (except obituaries and jubilee articles) are assigned a DOI.


You can subscribe to periodical at the editorial office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 12 to 5 pm. Address of the editorial office: Leninsky Prospekt, 32A, room 918 or by e-mail