Slavic almanac

The academic magazine of the Institute of Slavic Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences) “Slavic Almanac” (the editor-in-chief is Konstantin Nikiforov) has been published since 1997. Since 2015 it is published in four issues twice a year.

The magazine is one of the leading Russian periodicals dedicated to the problems of Slavic studies. It is an actively growing field that focuses on languages, literature, folklore, material and spiritual culture of the Slavic peoples. The magazine brings together Russian Slavists, it creates and supports their connections with researchers from other countries, informs readers about current problems and achievements of the Slavic studies.

The magazine is included into the Register of leading academic magazines and editions, recommended for publishing main results of Ph.D. and habilitation theses. Since 31.10.2012, the magazine is included into the Russian Academic Quotation Index (RAQI/РИНЦ).

The magazine considers manuscripts only in the Russian language. All materials to be published are to be provided with a resume and keywords in Russian and English.

The magazine meets the “Requirements for peer-reviewed academic editions to be included into the register or peer-reviewed academic editions to publish main results of Ph.D. (and habilitation) theses”, established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, order No 793 on July, 25th, 2014.

The edition is included into the Russian Academic Quotation Index (RAQI/РИНЦ) and submits information about its publications in a three-month timespan after the issue is published.

The subscription code in the Combined Catalogue “The Press of Russia” is 80 313.

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