The Ritual Year 12. М., 2021

The Ritual Year 12: Regulating Customs. The Yearbook of the SIEF (Societe Internationale d’Ethnologie et de Folklore) Working Group on the Ritual Year. Moscow: POLYMEDIA, 2021. 206 p.

Regulating Customs is the twelfth issue of the ‘The Ritual Year' series. The volume explores a range of regulatory forces that preserve, replace and revive, shape, and influence the practice and structure of calendar customs today. The eleven research articles by scholars from ten countries are based on first-hand field research and examine the age-old tensions between stasis and innovation, stability and change, and the creativity that is on display in even the most ’traditional’ of practices.

ISSN 2228-1347

ISBN 978-5-89180-129-5

Editor-in-chief: Emily Lyle (Scotland)
Editor for the series: Irina Sedakova (Russia)
Editor for this issue: Thomas A. McKean (Scotland)


Thomas A. McKean. Introduction — Regulating Customs
Nancy C. McEntire. First-Footing in the North of Scotland, Past and Present
Thomas A. McKean. The Tarves People's Party: Fire, Planning, and Community 
Irina Sedakova. Karakondzho: Evil Spirits of the Twelve Days of Christmastime in the Balkans
Petko Hristov. Traditional Ritual Responses to Contemporary Misfortunes — The Youth Kurban Sacrifice and the Regulation of Social Life in a Post-socialist Bulgarian Village
Athanasios Barmpalexis. ‘Sweeping the Worlds Clean’ in North-East Scotland: The'Wild Hunt’as a Contemporary Shamanistic Ritual
James I. Deutsch. From the ‘Mad Dash’to ‘ShoppingAlone’: Thanksgiving Rituals of Consumption on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Tatiana Minniyakhmetova. The Role of Calendar Rituals as Regulators
Cozette Griffin-Kremer. Regulating Lily-of-the-Valley /'Muguet) Festivals in France on the National and Local Levels
Skaidre Urboniene. Religious Feasts and the Soviet Regime: The Case of Cross-Days and May Devotions

Lidija Nikocevic. Bell-Ringers of the Northern Adriatic: Local Croatian Tradition as World Heritage
Suzy Harrison. The Development and Management of a Transnational Tradition: The Case of Diwali in Leicester
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